Freshness Premium Deodorizer Air Freshener Super Concentrated Formula

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Freshness Premium Deodorizer and Air Freshener by GoodVac. 16oz of Super Concentrated Premium Deodorizer for use in water filtration vacuums Perfect for use in any water based vacuum system, deodorizes and helps to remove unpleasant odors from the air while you vacuum. The Freshness Premium Deodorizer helps to neutralize, eliminate and kill unpleasant odors, leaving a fresh and clean scent in its place. Good to use to help eliminate the odor of smoke, fish, mildew, pets and more. For use in any water filtration vacuum, such as: Rainbow, Rainmate, Fresh Air Revitalizer, Hyla, Sirena, Delphin and many more. This 16oz bottle is super concentrated, able to be used for about 32 uses, all you need is 1/2 an oz per quart of water to deodorize the air while you clean. This is a highly concentrated formula. To avoid excessive foaming: Add 1/2oz Freshness Deodorizer to 1 Quart of water. (15ml per 1 liter) You get one 16oz bottle of Freshness Premium Deodorizer made by GoodVac. Made in the USA!


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