Eureka Canister Vacuum Cleaner Button Lock Non Electric Hose

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Product Description

Works With: Eureka Roto-Matic Eureka 600 – 1700 Eureka 628A Eureka 1200 Eureka 1600 Eureka 1700 Eureka 1800 Eureka 3500 Eureka 3700 Eureka 1245G Eureka 1509A Eureka 1509B Eureka 1509D Eureka 1510 Eureka 1510B Eureka 1510D Eureka 1510E Eureka 1514A Eureka 1514B Eureka 1514D Eureka 1546A Eureka 1746A Eureka 1746B Eureka 1751A Eureka 1753A Eureka 1756B Eureka 1756D Eureka 1785A Eureka 1785B Eureka 1761A Eureka 1761B Eureka 1761D Eureka 1762A Eureka 1762B Eureka 1763A Eureka 1763B Eureka 1764A Eureka 1768A Eureka 1774A Eureka 1774B Eureka 1775A Eureka 1784A Eureka 1790A Eureka 1790B Eureka 1791A Eureka 1791B Description:Button Lock Non Electric Vinyl Crushproof Hose, Fits Canisters Using Type Style B Disposable Paper Bags


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