Craftsman & Ridgid Replacement Filter 4 pack by Kopach

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Product Description

This filter will fit most Craftsman® & Rigid® brand vacuums (1988 to present brand, 5gal+), however because of the variety of these vacuums, please contact us through your Amazon home page for assistance if you are unsure or have any questions about our filter fitting your vacuum. The dimensions of the filter are 8 1/8′ high with an interior dimension of 4 3/8′ and an outer dimension of 6 1/2′. Rigid® brands of vacuums will require a reversible cap which can be purchase in addition to or separately from the filter and is a one time purchase. Craftsman® brand vacuums should already have the cap and wingnut required to install our filter. If you are unsure whether or not our filter will fit your vacuum, please contact us through your Amazon home page. *This product is manufactured by Kopach Filters, LLC. This is not a product of, or is it sponsored or endorsed by, Craftsman® or Rigid®. The Craftsman® and Rigid® names are registered trademarks.


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